Men’s Voices Milwaukee

Mens Voices Milwaukee

We are looking to start up Fall of 2017!

Most likely rehearsals will be on Sundays approx 2pm-4pm as to not interfere with any personal, spiritual, religious, or family doings.  This is not set in stone at this time, so if there is a schedule conflict let us know and we will aim to make this work for all involved.

Ken McMonagle, the original MVM conductor, is going to be the MVM Artistic-Director.

Our intent is start the MVM choir back up with former singers, as well as recruiting new members.  We hope to have about 20-24+ to begin (we have 11 thus far as of 2-15-2017) for the sound Ken would like and grow from that point forward.

Checking on a few locations at the moment, if you have a suggestions of location or space that we can use for rehearsing please speak up, all and any suggestions are welcome.