Join and be a part of MVM

HI all, apologies for the delay … MVM is a bit short handed in the board/committee area since we’re in the starting back up mode … if YOU would like to help in that area contact us!

We are planning an upcoming sign up / try out / meet and greet / social gathering.  Please send in your information, if/where you have sung in the past, and what section or location you may be in the chorus, as a T1, T2, B1, B2 or accompanist.  Our Director aims to select music appropriate within the group’s ability.

Let us know YOUR best days available for practice, dates will be based upon group availability, as we want to make this most enjoyable / doable for all, to produce the best sound we have ever had!!  Looking forward to hearing from all whom want to be a part of this chorus and sing with us!!!

Join NOW!!!

Mens Voices Milwaukee

Men’s Voices Milwaukee

We are looking to start up Fall of 2017!

Most likely rehearsals will be on Sundays approx 2pm-4pm as to not interfere with any personal, spiritual, religious, or family doings.  This is not set in stone at this time, so if there is a schedule conflict let us know and we will aim to make this work for all involved.

Ken McMonagle, the original MVM conductor, is going to be the MVM Artistic-Director.

Our intent is start the MVM choir back up with former singers, as well as recruiting new members.  We hope to have about 20-24+ to begin (we have 11 thus far as of 2-15-2017) for the sound Ken would like and grow from that point forward.

Checking on a few locations at the moment, if you have a suggestions of location or space that we can use for rehearsing please speak up, all and any suggestions are welcome.